Friday, December 18, 2009

Where is the oil filter on my 1995 BMW 740i?????

I'm trying to get my beemer tuned-up, meanig that I have to replace the plugs, filters, oil ect. but I dont know where the plugs nor the oil filter is. Can anyone help me pleeeeease!!!!!!!Where is the oil filter on my 1995 BMW 740i?????
The spark plugs are located under the plastic engine cover. You need to pop the 4 fasteners (push down in the centre) to remove the cover. Then follow the spark plug leads. There are 8 plugs total, 4 in each bank of the V8.

The oil filter is mounted in a remote canister, not actually on the engine. It's not a spin-on filter, but a separate element inside a housing that's integral to the car. As you're facing the car, it's on the right-hand side, behind the headlight. There's a plastic cover with a 36mm hex head moulded into it. Be sure to brace the filter housing as you remove the cap, because the rubber-isolated mounts for the filter housing are somewhat fragile, and can shear off when you use excessive force (ditto for tightening the cover, too).

Use a high-quality filter, such as Mahle or Mann (or BMW OE), and replace all the o-rings and gaskets with the ones included with the filter kit. You'll have to remove and reuse the plastic insert that's inside the old filter. That's part of the housing.Where is the oil filter on my 1995 BMW 740i?????
The 740 has a high quality oil filter set up. Its not the cheapo spin on filters. on the drivers side there is a 4 inch circular cap with a bolt with a 10mm head holding it down. Its right here you can't miss it. its so accessible its almost to easy.. Buy a quality filter set up with all the seals and gasket washers. Crapola filters like Fram do not include these items and without them the car is likely to leak oil.
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