Friday, December 18, 2009

Renault megane needs oil filter change? How much?

Hi whilst driving my 2003 renault megane yesterday,a messege flashed up saying Change oil soon.I checked my oil,and its between the max and min mark.So i called Renault and they said it needs a oil and filter change.Im just wondering whether as Renault are pricey,if i would be better taking it too any garage.But i will need the messege to be reset after.What do you think? And how much would this cost at Renault? ThanksRenault megane needs oil filter change? How much?
Hi Donna,

The message comes up at preset times which are normally after set intervals of time or after a certain number of miles.

Depending on your model of Megane, the message will come up before every 17,000 miles or 23 months ( servicing schedule 2 years or every 18,000 miles whichever is sooner ), or every 12,000 miles and 1 year.

Your level of oil doesn't matter - you change the oil in your chip or frying pan every so often because otherwise it becomes horrible, it is the same with a car engine.

I guess your car needs an actual service. It is outside it's warranty now, so you can take it wherever you like really, a private garage will be cheaper than a dealer. I personally use a Renault Dealer, because a) I trust this garage and b) If I didn't already have experience of them, I would be more confident they would do a proper job.

I can't give you a cost for servicing, because it depends which service it needs.

These links from the Renault Megane owners club are discussions about the message you've had appearing, so you may find them helpful/interesting. The last link gives details on how to reset the ';change oil soon'; message.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Suggest you check within your handbooks whether your car needs a service. If you think it does need an oil and filter change its only a small job, so suggest a private garage does it ( it shouldnt be too expensive ) and you can reset the message following the instructions in the above link, if they don't reset it for you. If it needs a full service, take it to a dealer or somewhere you trust!

Hope that helps!Renault megane needs oil filter change? How much?
I would take it to a private garage.. It's always cheaper then the dealer..
ofcourse any car will need repair after somewhile

refer to manual of yr car

may be it helps

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