Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Help getting oil filter off?

I have a 1994 honda accord, and my friend was trying to change my oil today and he could not get the oil filter off! he said he's never had a problem getting one off before, and when a body shop does changes they usually put them back on really tight.. soo..

i have a wrench and everything, is there anything i can do to get it to come off? any tips/tricks? i'm trying to change it before i go out of town tomorrow, and don't want to take it somewhere to get it changed.

thanks!Help getting oil filter off?
If it won't turn with a filter wrench, here's two suggestions. Puncture it, or dent it.

One method is to put a whole right through it and then slide a long screwdriver through it and turn it, if their is room.

If you have a pair of oil filter pliers, you can squeeze the filter really tight and dent it. This allows the pliers to get a good grip on the filter, The pliers usually have nice and long handles, grab the bottom of the handles for more leverage, and turn hard. The filter will come soon enough.

Good luck.Help getting oil filter off?
Sounds like this time you need to just take it somewhere and get it done, then your in-and-out and you dont have to worry about it. Next time plan on doing it yourself, when you go to buy the oil filter match it with the best filter wrench then you have the right tools for the job.

If you are dead set on him doing it he could drive a long screwdriver thru it and get it loose that way.
Get a cup style oil filter wrench that fits onto bottom of oil filter, and has a 3/8'; square drive hole in it, then use a ratchet to turn it.

I have drove a screwdriver through them in the past to remove, but be carfull. The metal they are using now for filter cases is very thin. If it rips apart you my be up that creek with out a paddel
Hey, I'm a Honda %26amp; Ford guy. Your friend is right, and oil places DO crank the filters on. They heat %26amp; expand, cool %26amp; contract. Here's my opinion for a cheap fix...

Get your friend to roll underneath, and locate the filter. Using his right hand to reach up to the filter behind the engine (before the firewall). Using the largest, and widest diameter screwdriver you have, hammer it near the base (closed end) of the filter. He should make a hole on the filter that is closer to the driver's tire direction. He NEEDS to puncture the opposite side of the filter as well (2 holes in the filter now). Oil will drip down, EVERYWHERE. When it's finished dripping, crank the screwdriver as leverage and rotate it counter-clockwise. It will come out fine. It's messy, but simple enough. He can do it.

OR...he could just refill your oil and use the old filter. NO%26lt; it won;t kill the engine and its not terrible. Your engine will be fine. Just change it next time. Fitlers can last that long...

OR...worse case scenario, he tries it, gets oil everywhere, and mangles the filter. He needs to try again and not give up. He can do it, it is really easy. Get longer leverage and try again in the hole. It will work loose.

A tow truck can take it to a mechanic, but its not necessary.

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