Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BMW 330ci oil filter hard to remove?

2002 BMW 330ci oil filter is difficult to remove when doing an oil change. Is there a specific way or tool used? Thank you.BMW 330ci oil filter hard to remove?
Get yourself a 36mm socket from an auto parts store like Autozone or Advance Auto Parts... they're much cheaper than Sears.

Then, mate that with a rachet handle to undo your oil filter container.

There is also a more expensive specialized tool which will fit the whole top of the oil filter container, but it wouldn't make the turning resistance any lower.

Your new filter comes with 2 rubber gaskets (o-rings). The large one goes on the top of this container. Moisten the new gasket with some new oil before screwing the top back on. This will make the filter top cover slightly less difficult to undo next time.BMW 330ci oil filter hard to remove?
i would save myself the trouble of buying the tools, oil, filter, and disposing the used oil.... jst go get a change by a dealer since bmw require 1 oil change evry 15,000 miles so its like once a year
You can get a filter grip to help you remove it.
There should be a 36 mm nut type thing on top of the oil filter cap.

you need a 36 mm socket to remove it correctly
there are oil filter wrenches to remove the filter

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