Saturday, December 26, 2009

Where is the oil filter in a Volvo S60?

from underneath car remove plastic splash-pan.

oil filter is located on engine at right [drive belt] end, on the [front] side.

it uses a black plastic cap with normal right hand threads,

the filter cartridge will stay in place after the cap is removed and can be pulled down with light pressure, push the new element into place

either end first,[ on this filter element both ends are the same]

now inspect cap for debris [clean with carburettor cleaner spray and blow out with compressed air] next remove old -O- ring from plastic cap and replace with the new one provided with new oil filter, giving it a smear of new oil before reinstalling it

note you will require a special ';oil filter socket'; to remove and install the plastic cap these are available on the better tool trucks or from assenmacher tool company although a decent auto parts store could order one for you


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