Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Automotive oil filter which the center tube collapsed...?

I have a automotive oil filter which the center tube collapsed and I'm trying to determine the most likely cause for the failure. It has been confirmed that the filter was not the correct size for the application (e.g. wrong filter for the car). However, the filter did install properly and did not leak. Two weeks later the car reported low oil pressure and upon subsequent inspection the filter's center core was collapsed. No bulge was visible in the filter and it will still stands upright when stood on its closed end. The oil in the oil pan contained significant metal shavings. The mechanic deduced that the cause was the installation of the improper oil filter which collapsed and released filter material into the engine which blocked the oil pickup tube.

Couple of questions. 1. Does this scenario appear to be a reasonable determination of cause in your opinion? 2. Has this scenario ever been documented before (e.g wrong filter application leading to filter failure and subsequent engiAutomotive oil filter which the center tube collapsed...?
Sounds right, even if it is the right filter but cheap this can happen. The metal came from the filter, but the pressure wen low because the filter collapsed.Automotive oil filter which the center tube collapsed...?
i never heard of that could have gotton a defective oil filter.

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