Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I want to change my Jeep Liberty 2002 engine oil filter.?

Jeep recommends Mopar engine oil filter but the MOPAR filter I find locally is shorter than the one currently on my Liberty. The one on my Liberty is not MOPAR. can I use the shorter MOPAR engine oil filter? Thanks for any helpful advice.I want to change my Jeep Liberty 2002 engine oil filter.?
Yes. the MOPAR filter would be the best to use. The MOPAR part # is 4781452BB.

Hope this helps.I want to change my Jeep Liberty 2002 engine oil filter.?
Jeep is always going to recommend MOPAR everything because they make a profit off it. MOPAR is overpriced and not needed. The same part (in you case the oil filter) from a different brand will work the same if not better. Dont overpay for MOPAR parts just because it says it in the manual. I use fram oil filters in my grand cherokee because they are the cheapest and they work just fine. If you are going to use the MOPAR filter though as long as it is the right part number then you are good. Filters will vary slightly from brand to brand. Hope this helps. Good luck.
You do not need to use Mopar accessories on your vehicle. Unless you want to pay for the name. I just use whatever filters are on sale, and I always use either Quakerstate, or Penzoil motor oils.

Always use the correct filter for your vehicle. I'm guessing the oil filter on your jeep currently is either incorrect or the mopar filter your looking at isn't the correct one.

Consult your owners manual for the correct manufacturer filter part number, then go to your autoparts store and lookup that number, and find the match for a brand of filter they carry, penzoil, fram, etc.
The size of the filter isn't as important as the function. Also, I own a 2005 CRD, I like the Mopar, but I perfer FRAM. If you are concerned about warranty, don't be. As long as you use the correct type of filter be it Mopar, Fram, Autocraft, STP, ect., you will still be good.
Try to get the correct filter model for your car. A shorter filter means a shorter filtering element inside - the filter should be changed more often than recommended.
If it's the correct replacement for it then you can, it does not have to be the same length as the original as long as it's the correct part # for your vehicle

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