Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oil Filter for 1987 Ford Ranger?

Hey So i bought a FRAM PH8A Oil filter for my ranger, and this is the one the book said to go in wallmart, but the one in my truck from my memory wasnt this big( trucks at my school shop) is this the rite one?Oil Filter for 1987 Ford Ranger?
That's the right filter. The previous one may have been the wrong one.Oil Filter for 1987 Ford Ranger?
yes, some 4wd's use a smalller 1 ph3600
A PH8A is the same as a Penzoil PZ1. This is the OLD Ford filter the new Ford filter is a PZ42.

This is why I do not shop at Walmart.
The 4wd use a smaller oil filter to because of clearance issues.

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