Saturday, December 26, 2009

What's the best oil and best oil filter to use on my 96' Toyota Tacoma 2wd truck? it's got 60,000 miles.

I was told certain high end oils and high end filters ';Actually'; are all marketing and they are no good, One guy told me to use only Havoline ,, and never use a _____ filter (but i forgot which he said not to use) ... thanks !What's the best oil and best oil filter to use on my 96' Toyota Tacoma 2wd truck? it's got 60,000 miles.
Lol, that blank would say FRAM...... the bypass valves are cheap, and more then often defective.... the filter media is cheap and thin, and usually warped.... the endcaps (holds the media together) is thin and cheaply glued on CARDBOARD. and of course the threads usually have shavings on them....

Valvoline is good oil, just uses the bare amount of addititves to pass the api....

Havoline is a great oil to use..... for oil filters, I'd either use purolator or wix (napa gold) filters..... I personally use wix, the filters are tanks. For oil weight..... I'd stick with 5w-30.... it acts like a 5 weight in the winter (hense ';W'; stands for winter) and at operating temp its a 30 weight.... gives great startup flow. More over 10w-30 in the cold.

Fram is all name, and cruddy construction..... the only good filter they make costs over 10 bucks.... why would you pay that much and get the same around 5 or 6?What's the best oil and best oil filter to use on my 96' Toyota Tacoma 2wd truck? it's got 60,000 miles.
Frams are the cheapest and overpriced filters there are,the walmart supertech (made by champion labs) is actually alot better and cheaper. Napa golds are wix oil filters, same for the cheaper ones. Havoline is cheap, yet has a great additive pack and oil basestock Report Abuse

Use the grade and weight (5-10w-30) whatever manufacturer suggests, not a cheap filter....but more important is how often you change your oil
All you ever wanted to know about oil filters, and a lot of stuff you probably didn't, can be found at:鈥?/a>

Check it out. Interesting reading for gearheads.
Oil brands are like sports teams... everyone has their favorite. If you want to use a good high-end oil, get a synthetic oil...most major brands offer a full synthetic. It's pricier, but lubricates better and has more stability, plus flows in high and low temps better. In my Corvette I use Mobil One, because that's what it came with from the factory. I'm a believer in sticking with the same brand and not changing. As far as filters, supposedly the best brand is Fram... I'm sure any will do the job, but I consistently hear Fram is the best. I hope this helped a little.
For the most part, it is true. As long as the oil meets your manufaturers specs, and you change at the their specified intervals, you will be fine. I am a fan of Mobil oil and filters myself. Wix also makes a good filter.
valvoline...and fram oil filters fram uses anti drainback construction keeps the oil where you need it ,...eliminating dry startup...

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