Friday, December 18, 2009

Where is the oil filter on a '08 chevy cobolt?

it is a cartridge style filter located under the intake plenum on the right side. the size of the cover is a 32 mm socket. your gonna need a long extension to get it. just pop it off and the new one snaps right in. just hand tightin the cover. your car takes 5 qt.s of oil thats everything hope i get best answer didnt leave anything out Where is the oil filter on a '08 chevy cobolt?
if its like my malibu it will be a paper filter under the intake hose (may have to remove the hose to see it). you will see a thing to unscrew with a large monkey wrench or larch socket wrench. Unsrew that and lift it out the filter is attached to that and snaps on and offWhere is the oil filter on a '08 chevy cobolt?
The oil filter is under the intake tube, you have to remove it to see it.. its very simple turn the big round black thing off with a big wrench or something and pull out the filter, its a cloth style filter very practicle, just pull down and push the new filter on
I have an '06 Cobalt,mine has a rectangular shaped cartridge,not a regular filter. Maybe that's why you don't see it.

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