Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dose anyone know where i can get an oil filter for a red van?

only red van owners need aplyDose anyone know where i can get an oil filter for a red van?
Red Van isle at Pep Boy's.Dose anyone know where i can get an oil filter for a red van?
how do you have 20% best answers? wtf

anyways go to parts store, open door, when a guy says'; may i help you?'; say i need an oil filter for a big red van. well you know what he will say? ok make and model, the you say ford, chevy........then econline 150, 250: astrovan:caravan. then he will more than likely ask what motor it has well thats another big toughy, read the sticker under the hood or on the radiator support.
sure'at the red van parts store
lol you jokeing right, well you in luck i own 2 red van,,,,an the coler dont make a different on the oil filter, ,,, lol you can got to wal mark, are any part store an buy a oil filter for you red van, but here a hint,, dont tell them you got to have one for a red van, , honest they lught at you an you be the joke for the day,,,all you need to know motor size, year, an make
auto store
The type and purchase location of said filter is independent of the colour of van.
Ohh man i think your gonna have to special order this RED VAN OIL FILTER.

Go to you'll find it there, may set you back about 15 red ones.
I have one off a maroon van it might fit
Red Van Parts R Us

In the aisle next to the left handed screwdrivers and the striped paint.
gose to da blu part stoer
Red Van Parts ..R -US ..........
At your nearest red van supply store or the parts dept. at your red van dealer of course.
I use to have a red van but had to sell it due to the difficulties in getting parts over here in Europe. For a long time I could only buy parts at the dealership, but due to poor sales the dealership was taken over by the yellow van company. With this merger they only made an orange oil filter. I found a Red store in Berlin but they only handle stuff that had great communist leaders and revolutionaries. The Castro can worked in a pinch but the Lenin leaked all over the place. And eventually even they went out of business because they did not believe in money. I bought a Blue van and painted it red but everyone who knows anything about red vans can tell it is a blue van. Only those that do not know about the red van's think it is a red van and not a blue van painted red. Sorry my answer was not much help, since I no longer own a red van, but were I back in the states I would have kept it. So the best of luck.
oh my,here i thought a green 1 would ill have to take it back.

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