Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Canister Oil Filter Help?

I just went to get my oil changed with my car and was told that it needs a canister oil filter, making the oil change more expensive.

Where can I find the cheapest canister-type oil filters for a 2007 Pontiac G6 2.4L?

I think that by buying the filter myself (w/ the o-ring included) I could save money but car mechanics are charging me anywhere from $30-35 over this while for other cars not using this oil filter, its about $20 plus tax.Canister Oil Filter Help?
You don't want to buy the cheapest oil filter you can find - there is a big difference in the internal construction of oil filters. A Wal-mart filter is better constructed than a FRAM, believe it or not. Get a good oil filter from a parts store - WIX makes good filters - in several different brands - or get an AC Delco from the dealer parts department. This is not the place to cheap out servicing your car.

And yes, for whatever dumb reason, some of the auto manufacturers have returned to installing a cartridge type filter instead of the easier to change spin-ons. Probably to keep car owners from doing their own service work.Canister Oil Filter Help?
Someone is lying to you.

They quit using cansiter type filters in the 1950s on cars.


Oh, that's stupid....they went back to canister filters????
7.13 @ carquest.3400 retail stores nationwide,so I think you can find one.Most shops wont install customer supplied parts though.Do it yourself if at all possible.Its called a cartridge filter.Inch and a quarter socket will fit the cap.Its easier to do than a spin on.Go ahead,you can do it.
Actually, some current Mazdas are using canister filters. Did your technician manage to break the outer canister and is now asking you to buy that part? The filter insert itself should be just a few dollars.
goto autozone website and price out your filter

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