Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can a vehicle run with an oil filter with no gasket on it. how long would it run?

i own a repair shop,and considering its going to be leaking very badly,id say not very long,given the rate it will leak id say you,ll have less then 15-20 minutes on it before it runs it dry on oil,after that it wont take it long to lock the engine up,good luck, i hope this help,s.Can a vehicle run with an oil filter with no gasket on it. how long would it run?
if u tighten the filter too tight

to create a seal

it will damage the thread

it twists into on the eng block

if u dont tighten the filter too much

then once engine pressure builds

loss of oil will occur until the engine seizes alltogether.

my advice is to

replace the old oilfilter

do NOT overtighten it

and wrap old cloth around the filter

making sure it doesnt get snagged in moving

engine parts,drive very slowly and pull over

frequently to check oil stick level

if its low replace/top -up the oil and definatly do not overfill with oil,until u get to a place near town

where u can safely park up until you decided on how to get it fixed ie:yourself or a garage,if the initial drive is unnessecary thenWALK to the garage and dont start the engine until its remedied. this would be my safest advice and best in the long run for the vehicleCan a vehicle run with an oil filter with no gasket on it. how long would it run?
yeah, until the oil blow out where the gasket is suppose to be.
In one word, NO...it might run a couple minutes, but you only have 5 or so quarts of oil in the oil pan. Once the oil pressure light goes on, or the gage drops to zero, ten to thirty seconds until you hear the damage noises...
Not long, it will pump the oil out as quick as it starts.

if you have an oil filter that doesnt have a gasket, then you would know right away how long it would run for...you would most likely leave a HUGE puddle of oil as soon as you start your car.

if your car uses a spin-on type filter (metal housing) then there should be a rubber gasket built onto it. if you use an insert filter (like i have to), then the filter should come with an o'ring to seal the filter housing.

and if you were leaking oil with a filter that had no gasket, then your vehicle would run until you were out of oil then the engine would seize.
Probably 5 minutes, maybe 10 or 15, depending on how tight the filter is on. It would be metal to metal, depends on the car too, it might not matter how tight you get it, it might not be a good seal.

Just put something on it if you have to, some silicone sealer, and let it sit over night, at least that might help until you get a good filter,
sure it can run without gasket. UNtil all the oil spews out and it overheats and locks up and you have to replace the motor. No NO NO NONO don't let it go.
It might run for a while, depending on how much leaked out (or get forced out because of the oil pressure.)
lol this is the best question i have seen in a while , given i havent been on here long lol. it all depends on the rpms u plan on running your engine while you count down to destruction , actually i would like to be there where do you live. i am thinking about 4,000rpm maybe 1 minute depending on how tight the engine is to start with and how many miles it has on it.
It would run forever as long as you don't put a key in the ignition. I'd guestimate 2 - 3 miles on a hot day. Then your mains, rods, camchaft and liftrers would heat and gall beyond repair.
The manufacturers of oil filters put those gaskets on there for a reason, not for decoration. That filter screws onto your motor, and motor oil could possibly bypass the threads and leak between those threads and the oil filter itself. That gasket seals that filter and keeps the motor oil from coming out of the motor. If your car ran out of oil, you risk seizing up your motor, and a total motor rebuild would be the result.

A small item.... but imperative for the performance of your vehicle.

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