Friday, December 18, 2009

Can i reuse an oil filter?

if i take an oil filter off, anf turns out its clean, can it be put back on?Can i reuse an oil filter?
NO, you can't re-use an oil filter.Can i reuse an oil filter?
you can but there's more there than they eye can see physically... A filter is so cheap it's better to just put a new one one everytime.

Or if it's a satinless steel filter like on a motorcycle you just clean it with dish soap and hot water to reuse.

But it's better to replace the paper type filter they cannot be cleaned.
If the oil change is due the filter is not clean. You'd be better off to change the filter and leave the oil in for another cycle.

the only way to see what is in the filter is to cut the outside of the can off and look at the part you can't see. this is done every oil change on airplanes to check of metal in the filter.
It's not recommended to reuse an old filter, there is no way to tell if it is really clean. Plus, the rubber gasket may leak when you put it back on.
No,you cant put it back on.Best to fit a new one anyway if you dont know the vehicles history.Oil filters are reasonably cheap,the dearest being around 拢10. Hope that helps.
for the cheap price of the filter why would you want to?replace the filter when changing the insurance for your car.
DANG, don't be such a cheapo. They're like 3-6 dollars. Isn't your car engine worth the investment?

If you don't think so, then why bother to change the oil at all??
For no more than a filter cost don't try to cut corners. It's not worth taking a chance and hurting your engine.
Yeh, tell them to use your old one

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