Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oil filter will not come off my divy?

I wanted to do an oil filter change but only managed to do an oil change as the filter would not come off. The bike was bought second hand and thought i would service it a bit. it took ages to get the drainage bolt off too. next time i do it it will be easier as i have placed a new bolt in etc.

Anyway. i tried the filter lid remover and turned it with a wrench and it just slid around the filter. i used a tool that tightens a metal band and this just slid around the filter too.

Any ideas for my next change. also if anyone knows if it is anti or clock wise to turn this would be a great help. Cheers ladsOil filter will not come off my divy?
dont put the screw driver through it been there done that learnt my lesson the hard way use a chain wrench if you can get it in as you will not have much room between the down pipes did you try the right size oil filter remover for your filter as some are close to it but not right,

turn anti clockOil filter will not come off my divy?
Anti-clockwise. When you get the new one, use what's called ';DC-3'; (from aviation shops) on the seal, and don't over-tighten it!
I'd beg, borrow or otherwise acquire a chain wrench. That nice Mr Halfords should have one made for the purpose.

The ';belt a screwdriver through it'; technique works 99 times out of 100, but if it STILL won't come off you have a big problem.

It is anti-clock and some drongo has wound it on far too tightly. It only needs to be hand-tight with the seal lubricated with fresh oil.
I use this oil filter wrench.

It will remove a spin on filter no matter how tight it is and how crunched it is.

It works similar to the band wrench, but it's 100x better.


Go to - Tools - Lower Engine - Oil Filter Strap Wrench
First, many people know nothing about Torque. They will tighten everything to hell and back.

What I do is get a Flathead screwdriver and hammer it through the filter and pry it off. Then just wet the rubber of the new filter with oil and hand tighten firm. No need to use a wrench to put it on, it be hard to remove again.

Just be sure when you use the screwdriver you have room to start it turning.

I would assume it counter clockwise, but, I not making a promise on this. May call a shop that know this bike and ask.
they always come off counter-clockwise. If they are stuck on you have to get quite violent with it..leaving a bad filter on is about as bad as not having one at all. If you have to, drive a screw driver (a very big one) through the side of the filter and use that as a lever, or use a pipe wrench, or a large pliers. After you get that one off, before you put the next one on, clean up the surface on the engine block really good, then use some high temp grease to lube the rubber ring on the new filter so you won't have the same problem again.
gonna get flagged for a thumbs down on this one, but a nice flat head screw driver will do the trick. I've changed many filters that way. If you are SO worried about the threads etc, I guess you could try drilling the holes before you stab it like a maniac. have you tried stuffing sand paper in the filter wrench?
If what the other guy says don't work, try and find a '; Chain wrench'; it like a bar with a chain fixed to it and the chain fits on a hook to get the right size then it works like a pie wrench but better,
Do not put a screwdriver though it because smashing a screwdriver through it will weaken the structure, and if that doesn't work you are left with no options.

The best way is to use a chain wrench. They are cheap to purchase from any car/motorcycle accessory store and they always work. I have used mine on many cars and motorcycles without any bother at all. I have even removed suspension spheres from a Citroen Xantia with them, and they really take some shifting (using a bl**dy long bar) once thay have seized on.
beat a screwdriver through it

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