Friday, December 18, 2009

Honda Fit 2008 Oil Filter Change?

Does anyone know the brand and part#/type of Oil Filter I should use to change the engine oil filter of my 2008 Honda Fit? It doesn't say it in the manual which one. @@

Also, does anyone know what auto parts store would have it in stock since it is a 2008 car?Honda Fit 2008 Oil Filter Change?
well everyone will have it no matter what year. u just goto the store and tell them the year make wat kinda engine thats itHonda Fit 2008 Oil Filter Change?
Oil Filter: 15400-PLM-A01 Honda suggests FILTECH TOYO ROKI

You also need a 14mm drain plug washer, part number: 94109-14000

If you change the oil without the replacement washer, the probable result is loss of oil. You can order them online or at a store such as Napa. Report Abuse

Any reputable parts store would have it in stock.
napa auto parts would be able to find the right filter for your honda fit.
If the auto parts store doesnt have a listing for the oil filter, then get the most recent one they have. Unless there was an engine change, they probably are the same filter. If there was, they would have a list for the new one.

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