Monday, April 26, 2010


Depends on the year. Upto 2003, I believe both the 3.0 and 4.4 have the filter up top and visible when you open the hood. Starting with the 2004 redesigned engine, the oil filter is now only accessible from underneath the vehicle.

Here's a link to the 4.4 oil change:鈥?/a>

Or for general X5 maintenance go to

Have fun with the DIY oil change.';wHERE IS THE OIL FILTER LOCATED ON BMW X5';?
Which X-5 do you have? What year is your X-5? Which engine does your X-5 have? There were two types of six cylinder engines and two sizes of V-8 engines. Oil filter will likely be underneath the engine, but exactly where, depends on the engine you have. Please specify.';wHERE IS THE OIL FILTER LOCATED ON BMW X5';?
It's under the engine. You'll have to get the special tools BMW requires to even perform that simple task on that car. Trust me, BMW does NOT like their customers to touch the car themselves so expect a hassle. Guaranteed, there will be nothing simple with it. Good luck. What year is your X5?
Not to be a jerk, but if you can't find it, do you trust yourself to change the oil on your X5?
Look in your owner's manual under maintance.
right now it is at the parts store or the shop where you need to take it
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