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Removing an ungreased oil filter...HELP!!!!!!?

The last time I changed my oil filter I evidently forgot to grease it. It is not coming off easy. Is there a way to remove an ungreased filter? Or are there any products to help with this issue? My oil filter wrench is ineffective due to the location of the filter.

Please help!!!Removing an ungreased oil filter...HELP!!!!!!?
The best way to remove troublesome filters is to first drain old oil. Then set some rags or other absorbent material under the filter, then drive a phillips screwdriver through the filter( a hammer always helps) this gives you the leverage and a dry oil free handle to aid in the removal and can usually be done even in the tightest of spaces allowed by most imports!

NEVER try to stick something between it and a machined sealing surface. Thats a very bad idea Jacob!

When changing oil, always remember to apply some oil to the rubber o-ring and wipe around with your finger. It is also best to slowly fill the filter with oil before installing. Only turn filter 1/4 turn past initial hand tight, never using a wrench to tighten.

Most cars hold 5 quarts. Start with 4 quarts , start the car, let run for 15 seconds, check level then fill to full.Removing an ungreased oil filter...HELP!!!!!!?
The other answers are good but they left out one very important tool. It looks like a big pair of channel lock pliers with curved jaws and two teeth near the end of the jaws. They bend the filter but will loosen it. I had to buy one from NAPA for $26 in order to change oil on a 4.9 Cadillac. Lisle also makes one like this. Beware of cheaper imitations, they don't work well if at all.

Hope this also helps.
Merry f-cking Christmas to you.

You might have to buy a wrench that is suitable for your application. If not, jam a screw-driver completely through it and turn (you might have to do this more than once) until you can take it off by hand. Once removed, check to make sure the rubber gasket is not stuck to the base.
I've got several different oil filter wrenches...and the best one is a 'strap' type, not metal but web canvas I think. It really grabs better than a metal one. There is also a filter that looks more like a large metal 'dish' with ribs that match the end of the filter and it fits a socket wrench. If you can get it over the end of the filter and have room somewhere to work the wrench handle, it will come off. Sometimes if you can try to 'tighten' the filter sharply it will knock it loose.

But I have had the same problem-unless you want to sacrifice a few knuckles sometimes no wrench will work.

Get a tub like a dishpan or something-place it under the filter-and get the largest screwdriver you have-that is at least an inch longer than the thickness of the filter-and drive it through about half way up-right through both sides. Then you have a 'lever' right through the filter and you can pull down on it and spin that sucker off. As soon as you drive the screwdriver through you'll know why you need the tub underneath...and you are going to get dirty!

But it will be the last time you forget to grease that gasket!

Good luck.
You are just going to have to force it off. A long chisel on the base seam of the filter might work. This might be a good time to have your oil changed somewhere and let the flunky deal with it. Most oil change places have the tools to deal with this problem.
call auto zone or adavance auto or someone with this kind of experince. check the yellow pages?
how about a medium or large set of channel locks?
Well, if the filter wrench can't reach the spot or can't be turned even a fraction of a turn to loosen it then your options are few.

The old slam a screw driver through it with a hammer and twist it off sounds unlikely so you'll have to use the old clean the filter off with a strong degreaser like Fantastic or Simple Green and make sure it is dry/wiped clean and not oily or greasy and then grab it with a rubber glove and slowly turn it lefty loosey until it comes off.

If you use just a couple drops of fresh oil on the new filter gasket or ';O';-ring you should not have this problem in the future. It does help to wipe off the metal surface around the (engine) block where the filter will clamp down so that there's no old oil hanging on to the metal before you screw the new filter on.

One of the by-products of the combustion cycle is sulphuric acid and this becomes suspended in the oil and this is why used oil will melt the rubber soles on your shoes if they are not ';Oil Resistant';. Most work boots have soles that are labeled ';Oil Resistant'; and this is why. The oil filter ';O-ring'; is affected by this sulfuric acid to some extent and also by very high temperatures.

Good Luck!
Find an oil filter socket to fit your oil filter and attach your ratchet to it to remove the oil filter. If that doesn't work, use a large steel bar or a screwdriver and stab all the way through the filter, then twist it off pushing on the screwdriver handle. For future reference, oil filters should ONLY be hand tightened.
how about a strap wrench? what kind of vehicle?
If all else fails and you're feeling brave, put a long screwdriver through the hole body (going through both sides of the filter) and turn gently. ALWAYS oil the seal on the filter!!!!
In the past I have driven a philips screwdriver thru the filter to get better purchase in turning it. Be sure you are turning it in the right direction!
if the filter is hot wait until it cools and it will turn easier. If there is no room for a band wrench there won't be room to drive a screwdriver through it and turn it either. problem is It was overtightned on installation, I think if I were you I'd take it to wal-mart and for about $18. let them deal with it.
I just changed the oil in my new truck and the filter was stuck also. I couldn't use the plier type wrench because of the location. I had to use a nylon strap filter wrench with an extension and a 1/2 inch breaker bar. put the strap as close to the mounting surface or it may crush the filter.
The old-school traditional way to solve this is with a very large screwdriver.

You need to hammer it all the way thru the filter and then you'll have the leverage to twist it off.

Since you're going to install a new one you don't care about destroying the old one. Just don't hammer the screwdriver thru the new one.
If you can get at the gasket try a penetrating oil. There are different types of oil filter wrenches. Try a tool catalog or take it to a service shop. All the other techniques will damage the oil filter. If you damage the oil filter but still fail to get it off you will have to get the car towed to the shop.

If you want to take the risk, try driving a thin flat blade such as a putty knife between the filter and the motor. Once to damage the gasket it should loose its grip.

Merry Christmas.


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