Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ford oil filter quality?

I used to be a Volvo owner where you only use Volvo (Mann) if you want a high quality filter. Is the same true for Ford?

I have a 2001 Taurus with Vulcan engine (new owner) and I took it to Chevron's Oilstop to get the oil changed. They use ';Warner'; (Champion Labs) filters, no idea of their quality. I know Fram is crap. My mechanic used his pipe cutter to cut open a few types of filters and the Fram was pathetic.

Should I stick with Ford factory filters or some other aftermarket brand?Ford oil filter quality?
Wix, Ford, Purolator and AC are the best, Fram is the cheapest and worst...Ford oil filter quality?
I don't believe you can go wrong with using the same parts and liquids that originally came with the car. Use Motorcraft for Ford, it's a good thing!

I also believe that places with fixed price oil changes will do anything to cut costs and improve profits. Cheap filters, cheap oil, cut corners, etc... are the norm. Just my opinion, buyer beware.

Anyone remember Franz? I actually saw one at a garage sale a few years ago.
I have had a ford taurus for several years and mantained it nicely on a fram filter. May I add my car has 180,000 miles on it and still starts every single day.

What you should be worried about more then anything else is that crappy vulcan engine same with the fuel flex engine it was crap. The only engine that was ever good in this car was the 3.0
Fram Is one of the top of the line old filter and air cleaner. I will use nothing less. Champion is the worse of the line. And will not install one on someone car.
I don't know it being the best but it's the only one recommended by Ford as they have found other filters actually come apart and clog the passageways that are critical sometimes.. more so on the new 3 valves than anything
Its said that factory originals are the best and cost the most. If you have the extra bucks to spend, go with the original.

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