Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is the procedure for draining and replacing the engine oil, including the filter?

plz describeWhat is the procedure for draining and replacing the engine oil, including the filter?
Place oil drain pan under oil plug, remove plug, open oil filler cap, remove oil filter, replace with new oil filter (after lubing the gasket with oil and partially filling), replace oil plug, fill with oil through oil filler cap, replace oil filler cap.What is the procedure for draining and replacing the engine oil, including the filter?
Best results when engine oil is warm or hot. But hot could burn your hands. May need to jack up front end (engine end)

unless vehicle has a high ground clearance. Place

receptacle under drain nut located at the lowest point on the

engine. Remove drain nut (they're usually between 7/16';-

5/8';). Allow about 10 minutes for oil to drain. Clean drain

area, drain plug, reinstall drain plug just snug enough to keep

the plug in. Over tightening could be made worse when

engine heats and cools through normal use.

Move receptacle to a point under the oil filter. If you can't

remove the filter by hand, use a filter wrench or a filter socket

(filter locations vary quite a bit.) As you remove it remember

that there is oil still in the filter and may spill as you remove it.

Clean filter install location. Use oil to ';wet'; the rubber ';O';

ring on the new filter and install it hand tight + 1/4 turn.

Pull out oil receptacle and lower vehicle from the jack.

Add oil (3.5-8 quarts depending on the vehicle. Amount

needed should be shown in owner's manual under

specifications.'; Probably 4 quarts.) Check oil level on dip

stick before you run it. This practice will catch a mistake such as a plug or a filter that wasn't seated or tightened.

Look for leaks, add oil if necessary.
the one thing i don't see is to run the engine first to heat up the oil and get some of the sediment flowing (the gunk that settles to the bottom of oil pan.) it doesn't matter if it's a car or a lawn mower you always heat up the oil first. say 5 minutes.

good luck to ya and pep boys is running a special this week on oil and a filter. if you have one near you look up that special. 5 qt. oil 1 oil filter $12.something

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Undo the oil drain plug and let oil drain into a catch pan. loosen the filter and let it drain, remove the filter. Wipe the filter mounting surface with a clean rag and make sure the rubber O ring came off with the old filter. Wipe some clean oil onto the new filters O ring. Install the new filter, don't go over board tightening it. Once the filter O ring has made contact with the mount surface about a 1/4 to 1/2 turn more is good.. Install the drain plug, don't go mental tightening it either. Refill with required amount of oil. Start and let run for a minute or so. Shut off, wait a few minutes, and check the oil level. It will need a little more as the filter was filled during the run time.

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