Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Does the mass air flow get oil contaminates after re oiling the K&N filter?

Does the MAF get contaminated after reoiling the K%26amp;N filter? Can it get contaminated before oiling and cleaning when the filter is brand new? I have a 2000 Mercury grand Marquis.Does the mass air flow get oil contaminates after re oiling the K%26amp;N filter?
If it was over oiled prior to them boxing it up and you buying it Yes. It has been known to happen. This is why you also need to properly wipe down the filter before you install it. As mentioned before you may want to contact K%26amp;N for any further questions.

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BTW it would seem dodge man does not know where the MASS sensor is located on the Ford motors. It's After the Air filter.Does the mass air flow get oil contaminates after re oiling the K%26amp;N filter?
Most people over oil their K%26amp;N filters this causses the contamination. Put just enough oil on to turn the filter Red not so it is dripping off.
yes it can you should only use paper gasket filter. they make a spray cleaner you can buy to clean the MAF.P.S dont take you car to that guys shop.
i own a shop,and no it wont get contaminated the air is always puling in not blowing out,so there's no way it can get on the mass air flow sensor,good luck i hope this helps.
being a gm dealership tech i can't say about fords,buti know for sure it will contaminate the maf on a gm semms like the closer the maf is to the filter the worse the contamination. gm has several bulletins on this subject, it causes all kinds of fuel trim problems as well as trans shift concerns. most of the time you can ';clean'; the maf by spraying it with carb. cleaner ( do not try to wipe the sensor,you will damage the sensor)
Oil and dirt,paper filter elements do a better job,K%26amp;N filters give you a measily one or two Horse power at the cost of ruining your engine.

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