Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Honda trx 300 oil filter?

I am doing an oil change in my Honda trx 300 for the first time and can not find oil filter or know for sure if it even has one. Could someone please tell me where it is so I can change it. Cheers.Honda trx 300 oil filter?
The oil filter is under a small cover that has 3 bolts holding it on the right side of the motorHonda trx 300 oil filter?
Make sure you put it in in the right direction or you will damage the engine鈥?/a>
george b is right, I know it sounds stupid but I have seen many Honda engines go because someone installed the oil filter backwards, even techs at the dealerships!
On the right side of the engine. The filter is inside the little cover with 3 bolts.
we take ours to a HONDA Dealer..And have it completely checked over
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