Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is oil filter adapter seal?

2000 Pontiac Montana is leaking antifreezeWhat is oil filter adapter seal?
First you have to know where it is leaking from. You should not even be asking about your oil filter. But the seal for the filter in already on it when you buy a new one.

Back to the antifreeze. It can be from you watwe pump, your head gasket, or many other place like you heater core. Each is its own problem. If you don't know where it is leaking form here is how to check. If your fluid is low look on the inside of your car. If the floor is wet on the pass side it is probably your heater core. If your fluid is low and there is no puddles anywhere start the car and watch to see if there is water comming out of your water pump if so by a new one and replace it. To check to see if your head gasket is leaking check your oil. If it is milky you have a big problem. If you don't understand anything I just told you take your car to a repair shop.

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