Friday, January 8, 2010

Which oil filter? Honda OEM or Mobile 1?

I am going to use Mobile 1 full synthetic on our 07 Civic when the time comes to change it. My only debate now is, which oil filter? Using 5w20 oil and changing it every 5000 miles, will I get any real benefit of spending a couple extra dollars on a Mobile filter? I know Honda's filters aren't actually made by Honda, which is why I'm partially turned off by them. We want to keep the car as long as possible, but just wondering if in the long run, a Mobile filter will be more beneficial.Which oil filter? Honda OEM or Mobile 1?
I always use and personally would recommend you staying with the manufacturer's oil filters, i.e. Honda over Mobil 1. The same is true with any parts that require replacement bec I have found from personal experience that generic ones though cheaper don't last as long as the genuine manufacturer's parts. FYI we have owned several Toyotas from brand new and I have always used the Toyota genuine filter...The longest we have owned any one vehicle was 12 years and 211,000 miles on genuine Toyota oil filters. Also FYI Toyota oil filter will vary by the engine size etc and I'm sure the same applies to Honda and all the Japanese manufacturers. Good Luck!
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