Friday, January 8, 2010

How to change transmission oil and filter in 2002 dodge stratus?

FIRST OF ALL HEED THIS WARNING.IF YOUR TRANSMISSIONS FLUID HAS NEVER BEEN CHANGED SINCE NEW CHANGING IT CAN CAUSE THE TRANSMISSION TO STOP WORKING PROPERLY WHITIN A VERY SHORT TIME AS NEW FLUID WILL DISOLVE ANY BUILT UP VARNISH AND OTHER SUBSTANCES THAT ARE TAKING UP WEAR IN THE TRANSMISSION.But if it has been done on a regular basis then you need to raise and support with JACK STANDS the front end of the vehicle high enough for you to work comfortably under it.Also set the parking brake.Locate the transmissions pan it should be on the drivers side front of the vehicle it will be relativley shallow and have bolts all the way around it,loosen a few of the bolts untill the transmissions fluid starts to drip then place a drain pan thats big enough around to completly surround the transmissions pan and continue loosening and removing the pan bolts I recomend leaving one side of the pan bolted in place while you loosen the other ones starting from opisite the ones you left tightened working from side to side so that the pan comes off in a way that allows the old fluid to drain neatly into the drain pan then remove the remaining bolts allowing the pan to come off,then remove the old filter instal a new one clean the transmission pan of any junk remove the old gasket off the transmission pan and any pieces that are stuck to the transmissions case,apply a light coat of gasket cement to the corners of the transmission pan and put the corner bolts into their holes,carefully place the cleaned transmission pan back in place start threading the corner bolts one by one while supporting the pan with your other hand when the corner bolts are started start installing the rest of the pan bolts BUT DO NOT TIGHTEN THEN ALL THE WAY UNTILL EVERY ONE IS STARTED THEN WORKING IN A CRISS CROSS PATTERN TIGHTEN THE PAN BOLTS EVENLY IT SHOULD TAKE YOU THREE (3) OR FOUR (4) TIMES AROUND THE PAN TO TIGHTEN ALL THE BOLTS COMPLETLY.lower the vehicle off the jack/jackstands,open the hood and find the transmissions dipstick and put a funnel into it's tube then pour about two (2)-three (3) quarts of fresh fluid into the funnel start the vehicle up and with your foot on the brake move the shifter from gear to gear making sure you feel that gear engaging then put the shifter back in the park (p) position pull the transmissions dipstick out wipe it off and put it back into it's tube and pull it out again and if required add enough fluid to bring the fluid level on the dipstick up to the operating/full mark/range and you are all done.How to change transmission oil and filter in 2002 dodge stratus?
Chrysler recommends changing the fluid at 30,000 mile intervals on the 2002 Stratus. It doesn't matter much under normal use whether it is done or not. I have run Chrysler vehicles 100,000 miles with out changing the fluid. The other answerer gives excellent directions on changing the fluid, but wrong advice on whether it has ever been changed. Chrysler 7176 (ATF+4) does not leave any residue in the form of varnish or gum. All that went out with Type A fluid which is not used much in anything now, being superseded by modern fluids.

The only other recommendation I could make is if you have a lot of miles on the car, have the bands adjusted while you have the pan off.
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